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As computer plug-ins become more assessable, allowing anyone with an awesome processor to mine thousands upon thousands of sounds, it's ironic that straightforward, four-on-the-floor club bangers have become so in fashion over the years. Winnipeg, MB born, Vancouver, BC bred musician/director/screenwriter Scottt Catolico blissfully marries the macro with the micro on debut LP Massacre, incorporating the same kind of knob-twiddling, free-improvisational methods that allowed bands like Nurse With Wound and His Name is Alive to sound so heady and unsolved two decades back. From the dramatic pull of the colossal "Cassis" to the skeletal, un-rhythmic purr of "Why Does it Hurt," Masssacre does an excellent job giving the listener an insight into Catolico's shadowy, urban-fried psyche. While most late-to-the-game electronic musicians are becoming obsessed with the breadth of their craft, Catolico breaks the OCD behind modern electronic music, giving it back a good dose of scope, personality and atmosphere.

Daniel Sylvester, Exclaim!